A4x: How to Transform Your Video Surveillance Products and Services with AI Functions? Here’s the Way

When people talk about differentiation, which seems to be the answer to fierce competition, they tend to talk about innovation in product, positioning, channel, and business model. Now we have come to the point that model innovation has faded, while high-tech innovation is the key to differentiate from competitors.

As for the video surveillance field, manufacturers and brand owners are aiming at AI and machine learning to upgrade products and services.

About A4x

A4x provides PaaS/SaaS services for vision-based IoT devices on a worldwide scale.

To put it more specifically, A4x helps brand owners, manufacturers, and service providers to transform video surveillance products and services to another level with AI. There are diverse cooperation models A4x can help with, which partners can find the most appropriate one to meet their own needs.

A4x AI product—scenario-oriented AI functions for end-users

Unlike public cloud-service providers, who sell basic machine learning skills that need further designing of functions and user interfaces to start with, A4x provides one-stop AI service directly usable to end-users. A4x has done all the fundamental work already, including analysis of user scenarios, defining and developing functions, hardware (IP cameras), cloud construction, user interfaces, feedback support for customers and end-users, and unceasing evolvement of the whole system.

A4x AI functions are meant for families and small & middle businesses, which has covered the most frequently demanded automatic detections with further detailed behavior analysis. Specifically, A4x AI can see people, pets (including dogs, cats, and birds), vehicles, and packages and understand their state at the same time.

Object detection and detailed behavior analysis

Behavior analysis can contribute valuable information when a user gets a notification regarding the detected event. For example, for a package, A4x AI can notify the user if it is delivered, being approached by someone, or being taken away. Similarly, for vehicle detection, the user can get messages of “A vehicle approaching”, “A parked vehicle”, or “A vehicle leaving”. Furthermore, Vehicle Re-Identification has been applied to distinguish unfamiliar cars.

Regarding nearly the most important AI detection of people, A4x AI can tell if the person is passing by or wandering around. This could mean real peace of mind to families and business owners. While things would be much reassuring when the camera catches dog and cat playing around.

As all above mentioned, you may wonder, “yeah, it looks all good, but I’m not sure if it would suit my business well.” To answer this, A4x has diverse cooperation models for different kinds of partners to gain A4x AI services. All these models rely on A4x cloud service to gain A4x AI power.

IoT Essence
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The IoT Essence model would perfectly fit customers with brand equity, who are looking for the opportunity to expand the scope of products. These customers can sell and promote IP cameras, app, and AI services under the existing brand name to take advantage of the brand equity.

This model will also save you time and effort on developing hardware and AI functions, except for developing your own app with A4x app SDK.

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If you are already in the IP camera marketplace, with the need to increase user stickiness, strengthen product competitiveness, or create value-added service income, then the Uni-Smart model would be the perfect match for you.

The Uni-Smart model would maximize what you already have in your business and create more value for your existing end-users. It connects your system to A4x to gain A4x AI ability directly.

Uni-Smart Pro
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If you own a video management system to provide security service and your business needs to assemble scattered security notifications of your clients to your own system simultaneously, then the Uni-Smart Pro model would be your choice.

A4x can provide IP cameras and an OEM app for your system, and connect A4x AI system to yours so that both your clients and your system can receive the real-time pushes.

Last but not least, all the services A4x provide comply with worldwide privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, etc.

A4x team welcomes any inquiries regarding A4x IP cameras, AI products, or any other tech details. Feel free to reach us by writing to info@a4x.io, or visit A4x website at www.a4x.io

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