P2P Transmission
A4x developed the third-generation P2P transmission of WebRTC's cross-platform in IPC for the first time in the world, with the ultimate experience, excellent performance, stability and reliability, leading IPC into a new era of real-time intelligence.
Cloud Intelligence
Covers a full set of Uni-Smart cloud products, covering smart services in various scenarios of home security. Along with cloud storage, Uni-Smart provides ultimate VAS choices for you and end users.
Unique ID Design
A4x design team provide brand new looks of home security cameras, which are very different from others. The new looking promotes the competitiveness of your products.
Ultimate Secure
End-to-end full-link encryption prevents security risks. Coupled with comprehensive security mechanism for user accounts and devices, we provide ultimate security assurance.
Use Cases
IP65 waterproof and dustproof
HD night vision
Physical privacy
Cloud/local storage
Fall alert
Smart Home
Multi-channel preview
Device interconnection
Edge & cloud computing
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