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What does A4x do?


"It makes AI-powered consumer camera solutions," people in the loop would often tell you.


But for us here at A4x, what we do is—and means—far more than that.


As a company dedicated to building a global AIoT PaaS & Service platform, A4x provides one-stop edge computing solutions and cloud services for next-generation AIoT systems, all empowered by AI, to ensure connectivity for and meet the needs of smart device brands, manufacturers, and consumers around the globe.


Currently, A4x focuses on applying its leading technology to civil security scenarios to meet the market demand for video surveillance and intelligent analytics with its cloud-based video services  and hardware modules.

Our ability to harness the power of AI & algorithms is what makes us stand out in the market for could-based video services.


So what are A4x's capabilities? And what can we offer to our customers?


Strap in and let us take you through everything about AI in A4x!

1.About A4x Cloud

A4x Cloud is a powerful cloud platform built to transform traditional cameras by introducing AI capabilities. We provide secure, stable, fast, and intelligent cloud services to our customers, with the greater purpose of contributing to the shared prosperity of the AI industry.


In cooperation with our partners and customers, A4x is working to build an ecosystem for sustainable innovation, underpinned by our leading-edge technology and products. We have been developing ready-to-use products and turnkey solutions, where cameras are at the core as essential endpoints, for players across the industry value chain to meet their multi-layered demands.


Our extensive expertise allows us to provide services tailored to a wide range of application scenarios. Our versatile AI features can be flexibly configured into different combinations as per requirements to ensure fast, all-round coverage of customer needs.

At present, A4x Cloud offers powerful features including multi-category object detection, object categorization, object guarding, identity recognition, behavior analysis, intelligent identification and tracking, and more, all enabled and enhanced by our AI & algorithmic capabilities.


We follow the principles of practicality, applicability, and usability in our efforts to design and develop out-of-the-box AI-powered features.

2.Intelligent Notification

Each of our out-of-the-box AI-powered features is built on an optimal synthesis of multiple AI capabilities.


Intelligent Notification is a feature designed to optimize real-time notifications based on video analysis in the cloud. It ensures that notifications are filtered to match the preferences of each mobile app user and that any message pushed to the user includes a video and a brief description.


Video recording will be triggered once a motion is detected. The video captured by the camera will then be uploaded to the cloud. Based on AI-driven image recognition and analysis, the system will be able to determine the categories (e.g., people, pets, vehicles) of the objects in the images and analyze their status and behavior.


In other words, by simply checking the description, you can get a rough idea of what's in the video (e.g., the type and status of the identified object) even before you watch it.

Users can also define their own notification preferences (e.g., pushing only videos of vehicles) on their mobile app. After that, irrelevant notifications will be precluded, enabling greater precision in messaging.

3.Activity Zone

Activity Zone is a feature that allows users to get notifications about their selected areas.


A user can create one or more activity zones and name them on their app, e.g., "My Front Door", "My Yard", "Living Room", "Balcony", as they may have different expectations for these zones.

The user can also define the shape, size, and location of the activity zones. Once set to monitor these priority areas, the system will only push notifications of movements within the activity zones, filtering out redundant information and minimizing disturbances to the user.


For users who find it annoying that any trigger event within the camera's field of view will be pushed to their phone, they can activate the Activity Zone feature to only receive alerts when there is a noteworthy movement in their selected zones.


Despite the filtered notifications, the camera still records all trigger events so that you do not miss out on any information for maximum security.

4.Human Tracking

The A4x Cloud-based Camera  features human tracking that is only activated in the cloud when a humanoid motion is detected.


Unlike other brands that only do human shape recognition on the camera side, which would often be limited by the performance of the device, A4X takes our human shape recognition technology to the next level by using a large-scale model deployed in the cloud. Far more details recognized mean that our recognition accuracy is much higher, leading to a significant reduction in unnecessary disturbances to users that may be caused by misidentifications. Our system analyzes the trajectory of a human figure's movement based on captured images before pushing any notification to the user.


From the moment a human figure enters the camera's field of view, their every movement will be captured by the camera, thanks to the intelligent human tracking feature enabled by AI.

5.Video Categorization

Videos captured by the camera are automatically categorized, analyzed, and stored in the cloud, allowing users to filter their videos by device, date, and tag. By quickly identifying the more important ones in a sea of videos, users can go over an event with much more ease.

So now, your tons of videos will no longer be a problem—our video categorization feature will help significantly improve your efficiency in handling videos and reviewing events.

As times are evolving at a rapid pace, so are the needs of our customers. Moving forward, A4X will continue to push the boundaries of our capabilities in all aspects, staying proactive, innovative, and ahead of technology and industry trends to always deliver what you want.

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