Use-Case: How AI-Enabled Cameras Can Help to Upgrade Your Home’s Security

To most of us, AI, artificial intelligence, is nothing but a chic word from news reports, or some future-like figure from science fiction.


It was, but not anymore. Actually, AI applications can be really helpful in the everyday life. Simply put, it is the skills of computers that imitate human being. The research of AI includes several sub-fields, and each direction can provide practical values. Here we are mainly talking about the application of computer vision AI in home security.


Does it bother you when thinking there might be strangers wandering around your house but you have no idea about that? So you are determined to arm your house with cameras for each corner. Just like one user says, “I had no interest in a security cam until some neighbors have captured video of some strangers on their property.”


A4x AI-enabled security cameras can give you another level of security. It’s like there is an invisible assistant keeping an eye for your property 24/7. There are four major vision-AI applications to upgrade your home’s intelligence.


AI application 1: to monitor intruders


An A4x AI-enabled camera will proactively detect motions and recognize humans and send you messages with detailed behavior analysis of passing by or wandering. You will be notified whenever someone is approaching your property. You can warn the stranger through the app or turn on the camera siren to frighten the intruder off without saying anything.


notification of person detected

User comment: Before getting this camera, I knew I had night visitors from cats and raccoons. Shortly after getting this camera I got to see a man lurking in my yard. I yelled at him through the speaker on the camera to run him off. I am grateful for the extra security.


Installation recommendations: front door, yard, treehouse, etc.


AI application 2: to record car approaching and leaving


Upon vehicle detecting, it sends an alert to your phone and starts recording a video. Whenever there’s a car approaching, leaving, or being parked, you will get noticed.


 User comment: I am so excited about using this for safety at my house. I have it above my back door which watches my little patio and can view my car. 


Installation recommendations: driveway, garage, etc.


AI application 3: to catch pet moments


Cats and dogs, adorable cute little things. There must be moments when you want to have a look at the cutest thing at home. Or you happen to live somewhere where wild animals occasionally show up in the yard. An AI-enabled camera would be the best to catch the moments.

A cat catched by camera.


User comment: It will not only provide video if someone enters our home without permission, but it will also allow us to watch the dog activities while we are not present! I can also communicate with her, so this is similar to those pricey Dog Monitors promoted on Facebook!


Installation recommendations: living room, yard, etc.


AI application 4: to monitor delivered packages


There are three kinds of notifications for packages: package delivered, package stranded, and package picked up.


record of package delivered

record of package picked up

User comment: I'm able to get notifications on movement or people coming up to my front door. And I'm able to keep track of packages that are left on the front porch. Definitely feel safer knowing I have this camera up.


Installation recommendations: front porch, etc.
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